Watch the Jewish Unity concert in Paris at La Victoire Synagogue


  • Securing the Jews in France

  • Relief for Jews in need

  • Fight assimilation

  • Preservation of historical site

  • Unite American French Jewish communities

  • Develop Educational programs between France and USA

  • Develop Youth programs in France, and between France & USA

Our Mission

FranceEmergency Fund

Donate for the Jews in France

In Solidarity with France and the French Jewish community.

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​The Jewish American French Alliance (JAFA) is a unique organization which has dedicated themselves to enhancing Jewish life to all parts of France, which is the second largest Jewish community in the world.

JAFA is the first and only Jewish American organization that focuses primarily on the needs of the French Jewish community.

The Jewish American French Alliance (JAFA) is a public charity in the United States.

Welcome to the Jewish American French Alliance - JAFA ORGANIZATION

Through the Jewish American French Alliance (JAFA) you care for the French Jews by supporting a project in education, culture, social services, safety, and youth through the Jewish Oganizations in France.

JAFA is friends of the Fondation du Judaisme Francais, the first leading Jewish Charitable Foundation in France since 1974.

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Our History

Establishing a solidarity link between the American and French Jewish Communities.