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Under the Presidency of Joel Mergui, the Consistoire which was created under Napoléon I in 1808, manages more than 500 synagogues around France, deals with: Rabbinical school, kosher supervision, Jewish education, youth groups, security, religious services, heritage foundation, and supports small and isolated communities.
Fondation du Judaisme Francais

​Consistoire de France

The Jewish American French Alliance (JAFA USA) Friend of "la Fondation du Judaisme Francais) allocates grants to the French Jewish community through its main Organization in France

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​Fond Social Juif Unifie (FJSU)

Under the Presidency of Ariel Goldmann, the FSJU has over 300 organizations under its umbrella. Its mission since 1950 is to keep Judaism alive and strong in France. They represent the community in a different domain: social, cultural, educational, and youth camps.

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The Fondation du Judaisme France 
​(translated in English as" the French Judaism Foundation") created in 1974 occupies a singular place in the landscape of the foundations and in the Jewish institutions. It is the third foundation in the hexagon after the Foundation de France and the Institut de France. It is also one of the few French foundations invested in a broad spectrum of activities, in which culture plays a special role.

Fondation du Judaisme is a recognized institution of public utility, which counts among its board two state representatives. It is particularly attentive to the evolution of French society and harmony between its components.

​Under the Presidency of Ariel Goldmann and its Director Patrick Chasques, the Fondation du Judaisme Francais has more than
70 Foundations under their umbrella.

The Fondation contributes to a better transmission and knowledge of Jewish thought from yesterday and today, especially among young adults.